I am currently 32 yrs old an at a height of 6'4",I will be competing this year at a bodyweight of 300 lbs. I was born in LONG BRANCH NJ. I started weight training as a Freshman in High School, at a bodyweight of 185lbs. I was a Superior Athlete. I played football at Quarterback an Free-Safety and also played basketball, track, wrestling.

With no father figure in my life,things where difficult growing up. So I had no sense of direction an found myself involved with the wrong crowd, which didn't work to my benefit. I graduated high school in 1989. I didn't mind as long as I got to show off my athletic ability.


I went to a local DIV 3 college in EAST ORANGE NJ. Population of about 3500 students....UPSALA VIKINGS...The college is currently shut down because of their financial aid program. I started out-side linebacker my first 2 yrs there. I led the team in tackles an interceptions both years. My grades improved an so I was eligible to transfer to a DIV 1 school. But the dream was shattered after tearing my shoulder in the last game of the year. Plus the fact that I was expecting the birth of my first son. So the pleasure turned to responsibilities and my football career came to end before graduating...Things happen.

Even through all the ups an downs my life went through,I discovered that,ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVES...Although I ain't a Pro yet,I have already built a physique that many Pros can't. So I am on my way to the top. This is just the beginning of my young career. I have big plans for the IFBB. I can promise in the near future that I will be a major Force on the PRO scene.

I have a lot of TRUE FANS on my TEAM. It's always a plus to be appreciated for your hard work an long hours in the gym.

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